Speaker: Krista Flanagan

Flower Communion

In this Service we enact a ceremony that is nearly 100 years old, in which we exchange flowers with people we know and don’t know. The point is to revel in our diversity, and take comfort in being just like everyone else, in all the … read more.

Labyrinth Walk

Indoor and outdoor opportunities. For those who walk outdoors, please dress accordingly.

Worship Assistant: Diana March

Coming Home to Yourself

Simplicity – it’s a monumental state of being that many of us strive for. Yet, it’s also a moving target, one that often changes definition with the environment or the beholder. Simplicity can nurture our minds, emotions, and spirit. Let us join together to explore how we can be hospitable to our own selves, just as we would a loved one, caring by cultivating simplicity.

Worship Assistant, Anne Clough

Art of the Soul

A couple times a year members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin share their artistic or other passions and how it influences their spiritual practices. Always a popular service.

Worship Assistant: Krista Flannagan

Stories of Transformation

Krista Flanagan and Valerie Howells leading,

with stories from Mary Gaston, Dave Zobott, and Elise Wall

Our congregation has a strong tradition of lay-led services, and today will be no exception! Come hear our members share stories from their hearts about their own transformative experiences in nature as we celebrate Earth Day and the beauty of the world!

It’s Not You, It’s My Perspective

The art of assigning meaning is a very personal and internal process. Meaning is different for all, contributes to our individual identity, and defines how we interact with and view the external world. Join us for an exploration of how we assign meaning to our … read more.