Speaker: Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson began his ministry with us in January 2019. He has been a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, graduating from Starr King School for the Ministry with a Masters in Divinity in 1976. Leland has worked in education, social justice, and his parish ministry experience includes the Petaluma UU Congregation and Interim Ministries in Honolulu—HI, Fayetteville—AR, Bellingham—WA, Santa Barbara—CA, Vancouver—WA, and Charlotte—NC.

Leland’s wife and children, social justice, history—especially the history of religious tolerance, politics, poetry, education, film, and art—are his major interests. Visit his website: lbuuu.org to see some of his writing, favorite videos, and personal history.

to read and hear sermons and to see some of his favorite videos.

Roots of Our Faith: Christianity

In the early centuries of the Common Era, the Jews who accepted Jesus as the Messiah separated from the Jews who didn’t.  With the help of Emperor Constantine, the ‘Nazarene’ wing of Judaism became the Christians, and for better and worse, Christendom was created.

Roots of Our Faith: Judaism

Judaism is the primary ancestor of Christianity, and Christianity is the primary ancestor of both Unitarianism and Universalism.  This Service will delve into our Jewish inheritance–spoiler alert: שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶחָֽד (Deuteronomy 6:4)–and into the meaning of the High Holy Days, and the … read more.

The Spirituality of Water

Earth, sun, water. Humankind has worshiped the sun for millennia, and the earth too, but the water? Farmers pray for rain, but otherwise, we don’t often worship water. Let’s explore why water’s worth worshiping.

Roots of Our Faith: Buddhism

With this Service we launch a new series for 2020-21, “Roots of our Faith.”  Last year’s series was the UUA’s Seven Principles.  We begin with Buddhism, which dates from the teachings of Gautama, about 600 years BCE.  Judaism’s beginnings are murkier, but most scholars date … read more.

Father’s Day

Fathering is a big deal for the father, but is usually a much bigger deal for the child. As we said in the 60s, ‘parents are a heavy trip,’ meaning deeply and durably influencing. We all know many people who were loved and helped enormously … read more.

Flower Communion

Begun in the 1923, by Norbert and Maja Čapek, the Flower Communion is celebrated in many UU churches in the USA, and Unitarian churches abroad. It celebrates the beauty of Nature, and the communion of the people with it and with each other. … read more.