Speaker: Tom Durkin

The Sabbath

Although we don’t always choose to base our services around the monthly themes, the theme for May is Sabbath. What an appropriate topic in this time of pandemic, as the idea of Sabbath grew out of a crisis that threatened the existence of ancient Israel.

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Call to Action

In response to last week’s sermon “Faith in Action” we are going to do a special service on 11/17. In place of a sermon we will discuss social justice questions in a small group format.
The Social Justice Team will be using your answers as part of its work to re-energize UUCE’s commitment “to serve with love and compassion” from our mission statement.

This is Why I Serve

At UUCE we affirm in our values and mission statement that we are a community who serve with love and compassion. This Sunday representatives from 3 of our committees will share why they serve our church.

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Everyday Grace

The Touchstones theme for January is Grace. Tom Durkin will begin this exploration by sharing the sermon “Everyday Grace” by Rev. Matt Alspaugh. In Rev. Aslpaugh’s words “Grace is one of those words whose meaning has been distorted by so many flavors of Christianity that … read more.

We are Surrounded by Wisdom

The Touchstones theme for June is Wisdom, which the 3rd source of our UU Living Tradition addresses with the statement “Wisdom from the world’s religions that inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life.” We will explore this topic with examples from some of the traditions represented at UUCE.

Worship Assistant: David Yeager

∅ is Greater and Less Than Love

Is it possible that a sculpture can capture the essence of divinity? We will be exploring the Touchstone theme of Love through the lens of a sculpture that makes the statement “Nothing is Greater than Love and Nothing is Less Than Love.

Worship Assistant: Krista Flanagan

Justice Vespers Service – 7:30 pm

Please join us for a simple intimate evening service to explore our monthly theme of justice through readings, silence, sharing and song. The service will be led by Tom Durkin and Steve Askins.

Am I a UU because of Jesus?

I was once asked “With Christianity influencing you so deeply, how did you find your way to Unitarian Universalism and what about this tradition appeals to you?” Come explore this with me.

Worship Assistant: Valerie Howells