Valerie Howells

Bread Communion

Our annual celebration of community.

Worship Assistant: Worship Team

Revelation is Not Sealed

More often, in the life of the spirit, change is incremental, the way you understand the world is always shifting.

Worship Assistant: Diana March

Stories of Transformation

Krista Flanagan and Valerie Howells leading,

with stories from Mary Gaston, Dave Zobott, and Elise Wall

Our congregation has a strong tradition of lay-led services, and today will be no exception! Come hear our members share stories from their hearts about their own transformative experiences in nature as we celebrate Earth Day and the beauty of the world!

For Such a Time as This…Maybe

A low-pressure call to whatever action your heart is guiding you to take to make the world just a little bit better. Or maybe to save your whole nation, who knows? Let’s explore the Hebrew scriptural story of Esther, and see if we find ourselves anywhere in it.