Chalice WindowThe special activities at UUCE are an excellent way to get involved in the life of our church. We invite you to participate in any of these activities which interest you. Dates for all events are listed on the Events Calendar, in the weekly church Unichord Update email newsletter, and the Sunday morning order of service. Sign-up sheets for all up-coming activities are available in the Fellowship Hall. Other ways to get involved at UUCE include Adult Spirituality programs, church Committees, Teams, Groups, and Social Action.

Circle Suppers

You can sign up to participate in our Circle Suppers program in September.  Circle Suppers are then held in participant homes from October to May. You may sign up to be a substitute (invited to fill in when a regular participant can’t attend) at any time throughout the year. This is a great way to get acquainted with other members and friends in the church. Contact Kathie Wachholder.


All are encouraged to sign up periodically to help with Sunday morning hospitality activities. These include greeting, hosting the Welcome Table, giving visitors a tour, making coffee, and clean-up after coffee hour. You will receive a reminder and guidelines prior to the Sunday you agree to help. Contact our Membership Coordinator for more information.

Fundraising Efforts

Our fundraising efforts are creative opportunities to raise money for the church budget while also providing opportunities for socializing. We welcome fresh proposals that are fully written out. Ideas include concerts, parties, theatrical performances, talent shows, and more. In the future, we may also include an auction, gala, festival, or other larger effort. Contact the minister to be directed to our Fundraising Coordinator.

Buddhist Sangha Meditation Group

We are a self-directed group of UUCE members and friends exploring Buddhist practice and principles. Each week we meet in the UUCE sanctuary (Wednesday, 6:00—7:30 pm) to meditate together for 20 minutes of sitting meditation, followed by 20 minutes of walking meditation, and a final 20 minute period of sitting meditation. We also discuss a Buddhist related reading or topic of interest. According to extensive psychological and medical research, meditation practice serves to reduce stress, enhance mindfulness and concentration, and increase our capacity for empathy and compassion. Group readings and discussion deepen our understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice. First time guests will be provided a brief orientation to meditation and the evening’s schedule. For more information please contact: Greg Waas ( or Diana March ( All are welcome!