Topic: Worship

Beltaine and the Green Man

Beltaine is one of the eight primary Celtic pagan holidays, and is one of the two great turning points, ‘hinges,’ of the year. It is associated with May Day, fertility, the cleansing power of fire, the leafy lushness of the Green Man, and the beginning … read more.

Varieties of Rebirth Experience

Easter is upon us! Never like this before.
Easter and spring make us think of rebirth.
Maybe we believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
As Unitarian Universalists, more likely, we see this idea of resurrection as an opportunity to consider ourselves, our lives, our goals, and to … read more.

The Prison of Habit

Why are so many of us addicted to some substance(s) or some behavior(s) that threaten our health and happiness? What causes it? What can we do?

Better Together

Some of our most spiritual moments—where we’re really connected with the divine—happen when we’re in service to others and service of a more just and peaceful world. How can we be Better Together?

Our 3rd Principle: Acceptance of One Another

Some of our UU co-religionists sneer at the word ‘toleration,’ because they want not mere toleration, but embrace or celebration of some cause or value.  This attitude of disregard reveals ignorance of history, and of what a wonderful thing toleration is, especially when it is replacing bigotry and persecution.
Let’s start with mere toleration and move onward and upward from there.