UUCE Board Meeting Minutes 6/17/2020

UUCE Board Meeting Minutes 6/17/2020

Present: Kevin Sweeney, Stephen Day, Erica Lavine, Elizabeth Olson, Mary Knapp, Jamie Yucuis, Tom Lesiewicz, Rev. Leland

Absent: none

The meeting was called to order at 7:37


Consent Items/Reports — Approved without objection.


Board Meeting Minutes

May 13

June 1

Minister’s Annual Report

Newly approved Bylaws


Ongoing Business

Annual Meeting Update – The Board discussed how the first electronic Annual Meeting went, and possible improvements for Annual Meetings going forward.


RE Staff Member Hiring Task Force update – Stephen Day volunteered to lead this activity, and will be working with the Executive Team and RE Team.


Minister Search Planning – The Board discussed the creation of a Search Team, and how best to get congregational input.


Financial Committee charter approval – Kevin Sweeney moved to adopt. Elizabeth Olson seconded, it passed unanimously.


Board Business

Trustee of the Day Schedule – Kevin Sweeney, Jamie Yucuis, and Joe Masonick are dividing up the clerical work that

Annual Work Plan – The Board reviewed the annual Work Plan, and decided to meet in July.

Parking Lot review – The Board is ironing out the last details of the Disruptive Behavior policy, and it will be submitted for approval at next BOT meeting. Erica Lavine will have the 2020 Annual meeting minutes shortly.

Board Orientation scheduling – The Board will need the input of the new members to determine the date/time of Board Orientation.

Board social activity scheduling – We discussed plans for this, and who would be able and willing to attend, if it is in person.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:09 pm. The next meeting is July 15, 7:30 via Microsoft Teams.


Parking Lot / items for follow-up

BoT General Policy #10 needs rewrite for earmarked funds & BoT acceptance

Disruptive Behavior Policy response from Rev. Leland.

Open house system (like for the budget) for future bylaw changes

Minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting for BoT approval.

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