UUCE Board Meeting Minutes 8/19/2020

UUCE Board Meeting Minutes 8/19/2020
Present: Kevin Sweeney, Todd Underwood, Erica Lavine, Elizabeth Olson, Jamie Yucuis, Tom
Lesiewicz, Rev. Leland,
Absent: Steve Stultz
The meeting was called to order at 7:37 pm.
Consent Items/Reports —
Minister’s Report – We discussed the Interim Administrator contract, but delayed the
vote on it. We also discussed the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, and that in order to increase
it, someone else would need to head fundraising.
New Business
Review the Executive Team’s procedures for re-opening the building – Kevin moved to
allow the ET to open the building to small groups based on their procedures. Tom seconded.
Passed unanimously.
Survey Results – The Board reviewed and discussed the results of the survey.
Board Business
Board Retreat Aug 29 – 9 to 12; 1-4 — We developed the agenda for the Retreat
Ongoing Business
RE Position — Elizabeth Olson will be the liason from the Board to the Religious
Exploration and Executive Teams to help define this position.
Tom moved to adjourn, Kevin seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 pm.
The next meeting is September 16, 7:30 via Microsoft Teams.

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