The Task Force began meeting in December 2016.


  • Ann Kremer,
  • Beth Cooper-Zobott,
  • Herald Steen,
  • Mike Moutrie
  • Jane Kimball, Chair.


To date we have received nine funding requests and have funded five. They are:

  1. Geothermal/HAC project for Air Remediation Study and a Feasibility Study.
  2. Library Shelving and additional books.
  3. Payment for the Board of Trustees’ Vision/Mission project
  4. The Vocal Director for the UUCE Vocal Ensemble
  5. Seats for the Labyrinth

There are two funding requests pending. The other two requests were withdrawn. This committee will be active until the end of July. Then a second group will be asked to continue the Task Force work.

Submitted by Jane Kimball, Chair