Circle Suppers provide a special opportunity for UUCE members, spouses, and friends to have meaningful and/or light-hearted conversations in a casual dining atmosphere where bonds are strengthened as we learn more about each other and our histories, both personal and church-related. Circle Supper is a potluck-based dinner where the host(s) provides the main dish and the guests volunteer to bring the appetizer, salad, dessert, side dishes, and beverages. In both scheduling and food preparation, accommodations are made for individuals who have dietary restrictions, food and/or pet allergies, and other special requests.

The 2016-2017 Circle Supper Season began with announcements to join, and all who joined were added to the Participant List. From this list, the Circle Supper Coordinator created the 2016-2017 Dinner Schedule with a goal of having as few repeat combinations of diners as possible.  Our first dinner was the Annual Fall Potluck, held on October 29th last year in Fellowship Hall at UUCE. Dinner schedules were then e-mailed to all before the end of the month and season was afoot!

Our UUCE Circle Supper had fifty-two participants this season: twenty-one couples and ten singles.  This group included nineteen couples or singles who hosted dinners in their homes. The remaining members were alternates who could be invited by host(s) as substitutes or additional guests.

Five separate dinners were scheduled around each of the following dates: either November 19th or December 17th, January 21st, March 18th, and April 15th. An extra all-member potluck was held on February 18th and attended by 20 members. Each regular dinner was assigned to one host or host couple and included a total of six to eight host participants. Alternates were invited as needed. Hosts had the option of changing the date of their dinner within that month to best accommodate all attending. Hosts and guests received an e-mail invitation/reminder from the coordinator two to four weeks before the scheduled date to initiate plans for that month’s dinners.

Due to a variety of conflicting events, no Finale Potluck is scheduled. Members will be asked for feedback about their experiences this past season and have a chance to suggest any recommended modifications.  The Circle Supper Round-Up for the 2017-2018season will begin in September and the start-up event will be the Fall Potluck in October. The dates for all suppers will continue to be the third Saturday of the month unless a majority requests a change. All members and friends of UUCE are cordially invited to join.

Respectfully submitted by Kathie Wachholder, Circle Supper Coordinator